Benefits of Hemp Protein

May 18, 2022

Typically, individuals are wary of hemp, worried it’s associated with Marijuana. However, Hemp cannot cause a high, instead deliveries incredible benefits to the body.

We took the opportunity to be the first body care brand in the world to introduce a beautiful gold, hemp protein powder. For a while now we have been fascinated by the benefits and positive effects of hemp on the body.

Benefits of Hemp include:

Hemp seeds protect the heart, help to maintain lean body mass, and maintain brain function. Thanks to these essential fatty acids, one of the most important benefits of hemp protein is that it can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. 

Hemp is a great source of protein. More than 25% of hemp seeds total calories are from high-quality protein. While Hemp does not have quite the same amount of protein as Whey, Hemp does contain more fiber, calcium and iron.

Up to 80% of woman who struggle with PMS also face issues with physical or emotional effects of PMS. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), found in hemp seeds, produces prostaglandin E1, which reduces these effects of PMS.

Hemp has anti-inflammatory compounds and may assist in improving skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Hemp promotes energy, boost the immune system, assists in healthy weight loss, and helps reduce inflammation. 

What is our Hemp Protein made of?  

FIT WITHIN gold hemp protein powder is made from hemp heart seeds. The seeds have been pressed to remove their oils, dried out and refined into the softest fluffiest protein powder – like no other.

Our hemp protein powder is full of essential fats and vitamins. In fact, hemp protein contains all 20 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids. Unlike most plant proteins, hemp is a quality source for amino acids.

Our Hemp Protein is Vegan, Gluten and Dairy free. Safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding.