Our Sustainable Practices

In 2023, sustainability should not be a mere marketing message for businesses but a fundamental aspect. Our company ensures this by utilizing only aluminum or glass in all our products. Plastic has been minimized during the design process, and our body care range is packaged in aluminum bottles and tubes, with recyclable plastic used only in the lids. Our SKIN WITHIN & GUT WITHIN products come in glass bottles, accompanied by fully recyclable lids. To further reduce glass waste, we offer refill packets for these products made of recyclable brown paper.

We are committed to sustainability throughout our product range, and all our other products also come in glass packaging. Our efforts extend beyond product packaging; we have upgraded our mailer packaging to completely eco-friendly materials. Going forward, all orders will be packaged in cardboard boxes and paper bags.

In addition to our eco-friendly packaging, our body care and face/skincare ingredients are derived from natural sources, with a scientific enhancement. We are proud to manufacture our products locally in New Zealand, with some of the country's top skin scientists.

Proudly ed&i team