How Body Contouring with a Gua Sha works?

Mar 16, 2022

Relieve muscle pain and tightness, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve lymphatic flow while easing inflammation with our Body Contour Gua Sha.

The benefits of using a full body Gua Sha are endless. Help increase circulation, loosen muscle knots, hydrate fascia, drain lymph. By using Gua Sha on your body you release tension in the fascia, helping to redistribute fat under the skin creating a more even, glowy look to the skin.

What makes our Body Contour Gua Sha special? It’s made completely of copper! Proven to work wonders on the skin, copper is known to help with easing inflammation and pain while boosting energy levels and immunity of the body.

How to use our Body Contour Gua Sha:

Gently press the concave curve of the body contour against oiled skin (pair with our After body oil). Apply moderate pressure whilst massaging body contour over skin.

Using firm, sweeping motions start from the ankles and move upwards to the heart.

Use same motion on arms, stomach and back.

Repeat multiple times over and for optimal results. Repeat up to 3 -4 times per week.