Gut Health and Clear Skin

Feb 28, 2023

Scrubs, creams, lotions and serums are all key to helping your skin on the outside. Helping to protect, repair and hydrate but what about from within, what’s helping protect, repair and balance your body and skin from within? Skin treatments are often issued to help manage and maintain skin symptoms, not necessarily treat the root of the cause. Consider the skin as a window into your internal health.

Studies have shown that our gut acts as our second brain, helping to fight off harmful bacteria and infections, help balance our hormones and support a strong immune system. But can your gut health also affect your skin health?

We all know your diet is an extremely important factor into achieving a clear complexion for your skin.

Your digestive system effects your general health, which in turn affects your complexion and gives you good skin, making your food the most crucial aspect in achieving a clean complexion.

When your gut health and digestive system is off, your skin more than often becomes irritated. Skin irritations can include breakouts, redness, inflammation.

It has been proven that your gut microbiome can play a big part in your skin health. But what exactly is the gut microbiome?

There are many trillions of bacteria, fungus, and other organisms in your gut microbiome. The gut microbiome is crucial to your health because it supports your immune system, regulates digestion, and many other bodily functions. Research has shown that there is in fact a direct link between your gut microbiome and your skin health.  

When your small intestine isn't working properly, it might overflow and interfere with your large intestine, which can result in bacterial overgrowth. This shift in your gut microbiome is what can often cause acne.

Our active ingredients in GUT WITHIN have been found to help ease gut and skin issues. Sensitive skin is often a result of oxidative stress. So, if you’re not getting enough antioxidant foods in your diet, you may experience skin irritation. Zinc has properties that fight irritation, a diet rich in Zinc or Zinc Supplements have been found to ease skin conditions. It’s all about creating a balance from within. Hormones also play a big part in the reaction of your skin. Zinc has a positive impact on your body’s hormones. You need enough Zinc for your body to create hormones, and your body also needs sufficient levels of Zinc to maintain a proper balance of hormones. 


Betulonic acid, a substance found in Chaga Mushroom, is widely recognised for promoting skin growth. To help restore a more natural, young appearance, it can help regenerate and repair skin cells. Chaga Mushroom has been proven to also stimulate collagen production, helping to hydrate, refresh and repair all skin types.

Your gut is a very clever part of your body. Taking care of your gut often means a flow on affect with the rest of your body. So what are some small practices you can put in place to help relax your gut and ease skin irritation?

Remove inflammatory foods- Eliminate highly processed foods as they often cause inflammation and damage to the lining of your gut. Feel free to further research other foods that can cause inflammation, like red meat, dairy and gluten. An upset gut means upset skin.

Add more pre and probiotics- Your skin's natural barrier can be strengthened and inflammation reduced by probiotics, which can also help ward off infection. They can also aid in rehydrating your skin.

Practice stress management- The gut is known as your second brain (see this blog for more info). Lack of sleep, high levels of stress and anxiety often causes flare ups of the skin.

Change up your high intensity workouts and look into adding more low intensity- High intensity workouts is essentially putting your body under stress. Alternating or changing to low intensity will help eliminate added stress on not only your body but your gut. Helping to ease skin issues as well.