How ed&i has helped with eczema and sensitive skin

Jun 9, 2020

Eczema is a body condition that causes patches of skin to become red, itchy, and inflamed. If it goes untreated, the skin can become cracked and rough. Eczema tends to be more common in children and is thought to lessen over time. Still, some people will develop eczema as they grow older. It is difficult to pinpoint what exactly causes eczema. Some people are born with it; others develop it over time. Certain foods can trigger symptoms such as dairy, gluten, and nuts. 

Symptoms vary according to the person, but they often include scaly itchy patches of skin. Eczema can also be triggered by being in a particular environment, like being around smoke or pollen. Unfortunately, it is an incurable condition but, it can be managed.

We have loved hearing how our customers who suffer from eczema have benefited from our products, here are some of them.


Below we cover some tips that may also help with eczema. Please note that everyone suffers from eczema differently. What works for one individual may not work for another, however here are some things to try. 

  1. Diet: Maybe try to avoid citrus fruits, dairy, eggs, gluten, or wheat. Certain spices can also set it off, such as vanilla and cinnamon. As well as tomatoes and nuts. We do not recommend you cut out these from your diet altogether, but just be mindful that you're not overeating of these foods. Foods that work as an anti-inflammatory include fish. This is a natural source of fatty acids and can find inflammation in the body. Foods that are high in probiotics are also an excellent anti-inflammatory. These include yogurt, miso soup, and kombucha. As well as certain fruits and vegetables such as cherries, apples, broccoli, spinach, and kale.
  2. Hot water, keep your water lukewarm or cold, so your skin stays un-irritated.
  3. The sun can dry out your skin, and if it is already dry and damaged from eczema, the sun will only make it more irritated. So be sure to always wear sunblock on the skin that is exposed.
  4. Certain fabrics - Try to only wear loose, breathable cotton clothes when your skin is irritated. Mohair can be prickly and synthetic materials like polyester or nylon irritate your skin by trapping heat in. Another thing to be mindful of is when purchasing new clothes remember that there is a dressing on the fabric, this dressing comes out in the wash but can cause severe irritation on your skin. This can also be found on new bedding. So make sure to wash new fabrics before use.
  5. Dry air- to follow on from our last blog post, your skin becomes more dry in the winter. The heater your blasting at home can suck the moisture out of the air. Always try to have a humidifier in your bedroom.
  6. Lastly, exercise and sweat. Working out is excellent for you and can ease stress, but sweat from a workout can irritate the skin. Remember a sweat towel when working out and dab sweat off the surface of your skin frequently this will help ease the irritation it makes on the skin.

It means so much to us that our ed&i body products can positively help people’s lives. We always love to hear more stories about how the skin and body products have transformed your skin. Please make sure to email through your stories at