Mothers day self care Blog

Apr 28, 2022

Mum’s Night off

Our Mother’s are superhero’s. Taking care of everyone, the children, the animals-including the husbands, the house work, the chores and the cooking. But who takes care of our Mums? 

Whether you’re a mum already or a mum to be we want our Mother’s to learn how they can take a night off and take care of themselves. Taking time for ourselves and having a pamper session sometimes seems like an insane amount of effort. Especially when your day to day consists of being a mum!

This Mother’s Day we invite you to a step-by-step guide for our Mum’s Night Off.

Pass the kids on to your significant other, family member or friend and get yourself in that bathroom of yours. Light a candle, play some music if you feel like it (drown out the screams in the abyss). Now apply our Before. Lather the gorgeous chocolate brown lotion all over your body. Let it set to it’s white colour and relax.

With damp hands apply the Morning Coffee Face Scrub to that beautiful face of yours. Use as an exfoliator or face mask. If you are using Morning Coffee as a face mask, make sure to gently wash the mask off with warm water around 10-15 minutes after application.

This next part is up to you. Run a steamy bath or shower. If running a bath is your choice apply 5 pumps of the After oil into the bath. Adding oil to your bath creates a more moisturised smooth feel to your skin. Once the oil is mixed with warm water, it will penetrate deeper into the skin and provides a great sense of rejuvenation. The warmth of the oil in the bath will help reduce fatigue and stiffness in joints.  

Shave & Exfoliate. Get those legs feeling ultra-smooth after your application of the Before scrub and shave away the last few weeks of hair growth.

Relax. Now it is your time to relax. Unwind and detach yourself from your duties for the night.

Once your relaxation bath water has reached it’s full potential…Jump out. Next step is to apply the Always body moisturiser. Pump your desired amount onto your hands and gently apply to all areas of your body.

Now to go just that little extra mile of relaxation, prepare for a at home lymphatic drainage massage using the Body Contour Gua Sha. You can grab your significant other or simply do this next step yourself. Apply a few drops of the After oil and gently press the concave curve of the body contour against your skin. Apply moderate pressure whilst massaging body contour over skin. Using firm, sweeping motions start from the ankles and move upwards to the heart. Use same motion on arms, stomach and back. 

Now take a few deep breaths, reflect on how amazing you are and return to mum-life. And just remember you’re doing incredible and we’re so lucky to have all you mums out there x

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