Ocean DerMX - An Ingredient for All

Jun 16, 2023

Welcoming a new ingredient to the ed& family… OceanDerMX Lift and Firm™. Included in our new product, Skin Coat! 

As the business is growing, so are we. We wanted to introduce a product for our community at any stage of their life. This product can be used at any stage of your life to prevent, protect and preserve your skin against signs of aging. 

So lets chat about it…

Ocean DerMX adds a supreme level of 100% natural anti-aging, moisture binding, antioxidant and pollution protecting elements to our skin within by enhanced delivery of its own as well as added actives and by suppressing the harmful toxins causing dehydration, hyperpigmentation and premature ageing of the skin.

So how does Ocean DerMX help us? 

We have used this ingredient because it is a biodiverse botanical blend derived from native New Zealand Red seaweed and Mamaku- Black fern meristem cells, it enhances the delivery of its own active ingredients, as well as those that have been added. It suppresses the harmful toxins that cause the skin to become dehydrated, hyperpigmented, and prematurely old. This adds a high level of 100% natural anti-aging, moisture-binding, antioxidant, and pollution protection ingredients to your cosmetic products.

OceanDerMX Lift and Firm™ supports,

  • extreme activation of other ingredients
  • diminishes appearance of wrinkles and fine lines within 15 minuets
  • plumps and hydrates skin
  • revitalises skin and protects against water loss
  • shields skin from environmental pollution

Incorporating OceanDerMX into your skincare and body care routine can help to boost collagen production and improve the overall hydration and appearance of your skin. So why not give skin coat a go! We cant wait to see our communities feedback.