Skincare is not 9 steps

Nov 14, 2022

Despite what some celebrity skincare brands might say. I personally do not believe that skincare is 9 steps. Any skin-care regimen should aim to optimise your complexion's performance as well as troubleshoot or concentrate on any problem areas, but overuse of products may cause more harm than help.

Notice how quite a few males tend to have clear skin and avoid skin troubles whilst using little to no skincare products? How is that fair right? I am assuming, that by using less products men aren’t typically facing the issue of skin irritation.

How many of us have tried a skincare product and it may not have helped, so we added another product and another product until we reached the point where we’re stripping the natural oils and skin cells on our face. Cutting back and keep your skincare simple may be a good next step.

Keeping your skincare simple helps your skin to stay in its best condition. Your skin cells shed throughout the day so it’s important to take note of this and stick to the basics. I personally have my own skin care routine/belief and iv written about it before. I call it the A, B , C’s of skin care

“I personally promote simple skin care. Do not over complicate things and keep to the basics. Vitamin C is for correction, hydration, skin healing, supporting collagen production and so much more. Apply a vit C serum every morning after your cleanse and before your SPF and makeup. I defiantly recommend you trying DAY DRIN-C. Its is a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in one with our hero ingredient tremella mushroom. Suitable for all skin types. I pop this on daily in my morning skin care routine. Vitamin B is for brightening, reducing inflammation, dryness, and acne. I apply a Vit B just after my Vit C in the mornings. Vitamin A is for anti-aging. Used topically it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, anti-inflammatory properties and great for those with acne. Vit A can make your skin very sensitive so wear your SPF and keep your face covered. Use Vit A at night before bed.”

Of course if you are targeting a certain skin matter then by all means…purchase a product designed to help with what you need. But please make sure to do your research. It’s common that most skincare doctors warn that when it comes to skincare “Very few skin care ingredients have actually been shown to benefit patients clinically.”

It's crucial to apply skincare appropriately and avoid combinations that could potentially hurt the skin, even when they're beneficial.

Beware of fad products. A ploy to make sales. Any skin brand that is trying to sell you multiple creams, oils, cleansers, serums are often over saturating you with unnecessary products.

Make sure you wash and care for your face after a long day, apply your face cream or serum and let your body do the rest.

Above all, make sure your skin is protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

While I do believe skincare is best kept simple, remember most people have to endure a trial and error period before settling on the few products that do work on them. The beauty industry as a whole requires consumers to try and test. No brand can claim that their product WILL work or is suitable for ALL. All I leave you with is, try not to over complicate it, and remember, beauty is holistic. Three is only so much a product can do. Lifestyle plays an even bigger role.