Tan Tips for PART TIME tan

Jul 2, 2020
  1. Make sure to shave at least 24hrs before you tan. Always exfoliate before applying your tan. We recommend dry scrubbing with BEFORE and adding in a dry brush before jumping in the shower to rinse off.
  1. If you can, try to finish off your shower with a quick little cold rinse in the final minutes. This helps to close your pores and helps to prevent the small tan spots in your pores. This is unlikely to happen as we do not use any under colour in our tan like green or purple.
  1. Always moisturise any tough bits or dry patches where the tan may hold on to and become patchy. Ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists.
  1. Make sure to use a clean tanning mitt.
  1. Always remember to use long strokes and buffing motions to make sure your tan is even and streak free. As mentioned, PART TIME tan doesn’t use any under colour which gives you the illusion you are tanned. SO you will see a white foam forming where you have tanned from doing buffing motions.

FUN FACT – the ingredient which makes your skin tan is called DHA and its actually a clear ingredient which tans your skin over a few hours. Don’t fall for tans which give you the immediate ‘tan look’ it’s the under colour they are using and it will wash off and this is also the reason why tans transfer.

  1. Give the tan some time to develop. Reapply after an hour if you are after a darker tan. We prefer to tan in the evening and let it develop overnight.
  1. Wash off after at least 3-6 hours after application.
  1. Preserve your gorgeous tan by applying our AFTER oil or ALWAYS moisturiser. This keeps your skin hydrated which helps your tan to last longer.