The beauty of our PART TIME self tan

Aug 16, 2022

It’s safe to say our tan is loved by many. But it is however very different to other tans on the market. Part Time Tan stands out from others due to it’s transfer-free, no colour underdone formula! Resulting in the most gorgeous natural, golden glowy tan that has a patch-free fade.

Our tan is made from real Whiskey, caramel and coffee seed extract. Along with Water; Dihydroxyacetone, Alcohol; Decyl Glucoside; Parfum; Benzyl Alcohol; Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Citric Acid; Dehydroacetic Acid; these ingredients are the secret to the perfect natural part time tan.

Yes, our Part Time Tan is transfer-free! Meaning you can say goodbye to those orange bed-stained sheets when using the ed&i tan. This also means when you hop in the shower to wash off your tan you don’t see half the tan running down your legs and into the shower drain. The ed&i tan does NOT have a colour undertone so what you see on your body is what will stay on after having your shower.

While the benefits of Part Time tan prove to be popular within our community there are a few questions we frequently get asked.

 Why doesn’t the tan have a pump? And why is it a liquid and not a foam?

Every tan on the market is already in fact a liquid. It is the form of pump and dispenser that determines whether or not a tan comes out in a liquid form or a foam! All tans are liquid when sitting in the bottle, the dispenser when pumped will create the foam you see on other tans. We chose not to have a pump as we want to eliminate our plastic usage as much as we can. Including a plastic pump seemed unnecessary when our formula works perfectly as a liquid application.

How much should I apply?

The beauty of having a transfer-free, no colour undertone tan; means that you will have the most gorgeous, natural, golden glowy tan when using the ed&i tan! You will not have the artificial orange or green look. How much you want to apply is up to you! For a light tan we recommend leaving for 3-4 hours before wash off. For a medium tan we recommend leaving for 4-6 hours. For a deep tan we recommend applying a second coat after 15 mins and sleeping in the tan. Due to our carefully curated ingredients and formula, our tan has a patch free fade! No more ‘tiger skin’ or awful patchy tan after just a couple days.

How do I apply without spilling?

While we do have a video on how to apply the pumpless Part Time tan, we understand accidents can happen. First of all…be careful! Use the mitt as a guide to release the tan onto for safe application to avoid any spillage. We apply the mitt to the opened bottle then grip slightly and tip the bottle upside down while gripping with the mitt. This allows the tan to slowly exit the bottle little by little on to your mitt without any spillage. Because the tan is not a foam, we suggest viewing our application video on the website. But also just remember although this tan is pumpless and liquid; it is actually very easy to use and apply. Make sure you’re not putting the bottle down somewhere where you may knock it and apply with ease.

How do I apply without a colour undertone? (“I’m not sure where I’m applying the tan”)

While the tan is somewhat clear due to not having a colour under tone, you can still see a light golden colour when applying. Just like any other tan apply in smooth, circular or sweeping motions with a tanning mitt. Apply to all areas of your body and allow the natural golden tan to work as a guide for you to know where to apply next. If you struggle to see the natural golden glow when applying, try focusing on the white foam that develops when applying the tan. Once you apply a section of your tan you will see a white foam that activates when the tan is applied to skin. This foam works as a great base guide for where you have applied already and where you should next apply.

How long do I have to wait before getting into clothes and/or my bed?

Always wait until touch dry before putting any clothes over the top or jumping into bed. The Part Time tan is completely transfer-free. However just like any other liquid; if applied to cloth instantly it will show. Once you have waited until the tan is touch dry you can chuck on any clothes and rest assure this will not stick or transfer over. Same goes for your bed!