Oct 20, 2023

"From Swimwear to Skincare: The Evolution of Our Brand"

In 2016, we embarked on a journey to create a swimwear brand like no other. Fast forward to today, we're celebrating our return to swim with a brand new limited collection, and we want to share the story of how we got here.

The Beginning: 2016 - Simple, Timeless Swimwear

When we first started, we noticed a gap in the market. There was a lack of quality, simple, and timeless swimwear in New Zealand. We knew we could fix this gap and provide our customers with the perfect combination of style and quality. It was this vision that led to the birth of ed&i swim. 

Over the years, we created several collections. All collections were inspired by our love for design and a desire to provide our customers with swimwear that made them feel confident and beautiful. A quality we still strive for at ed&i. 

The Ingululu Collection: A Special Bond with Cheetahs

In our last swimwear collection, we did something unique. We named it the "Ingululu Collection," meaning "Cheetah" in Zulu. But it wasn't just any collection; it was a commitment. With this collection, we adopted a cheetah in South Africa, taking care of its welfare and medical expenses.

This move was a way for us to give back and support the incredible wildlife that was the inspiration of many collections. It added a meaningful drive to our work and connected us to something larger than our business. 

The Pivot to Body Products: Enhancing Skin Confidence

As our brand evolved, we realized that swimwear was only one part of the confidence equation. We wanted to provide our customers with more than just swimwear; we wanted to support their skin confidence.

This led to our pivot into body care products. We created complementary skincare items that would help our customers feel fantastic in their bikinis, further boosting their self-confidence.

I personally know the struggle having suffered with body acne from a very young age, so this extension to swim only made sense. 

What We Miss About Selling Swim

While we're passionate about our body care products, we do miss the creative and design aspects of selling swimwear. The freedom to create, imagine wild and fun campaigns, and design beautiful pieces for our customers is a unique thrill that differs greatly from the world of cosmetics. 

The Return to Swim: A Capsule Collection

Since making the hard decision to close swim at the start of the pandemic in 2019, we didnt quite understand the legacy we left with our community. WIth a constant reminder from our community wanting the collections back, we've decided to listen. We understand that our creative journey can take many directions, and for now, we are embracing the joy of swimwear once more.

Please note that our swimwear is back as a capsule collection. It's not a permanent return, but it's a testament to our commitment to our customers and the ever-evolving journey of our brand.

Overall, our brand's story has seen it all, from its beginnings as a simple, timeless swimwear brand to an exciting venture into body care, skin care and supplements. While we may have pivoted for a while, our passion has always been connected to swim, and we're excited to jump back into the world of swimwear once again. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Xo Ed