The Ultimate Daily Skincare Routine

Mar 4, 2022

Okay, but seriously how important is a good skincare routine?

The feeling of having your life together all because of your skincare, almost nothing can beat that. We have the Ultimate Daily Skincare Routine that will not only elevate your day-to-day life but also produce gorgeous results on your skin and body.

The key to starting off any successful day is with a morning coffee and aren’t we a bit spoiled that we can have two...One being a piping hot cup of coffee and the other being our French clay Morning Coffee face scrub.

Step 1. Apply a generous amount of the Morning Coffee French clay mask to your face with damp hands.

Step 2. After refreshing that gorg face of yours with the Morning Coffee scrub, rinse your face with water and lightly pat dry.

Step 3. We like to add a Vitamin C serum over the top and don’t forget your SPF to protect your skin from that harsh sun.

Now to get that bod of yours ready for the day.

Step 4. Using our Before dry body scrub, apply all over your precious cargo using your hands. The Before scrub exfoliates your body getting it all ready for a day of gorgeous, glowing smoothness.

Step 5. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse off in the shower.

Step 6. Apply the After body oil immediately once finished with your shower. The After oil will hydrate your skin instantly, leaving you with an effortless, radiant look.

Step 7. And just like your face needs protection against the sun, your body does as well. So Slip, Slop and Slap or just gently apply that SPF all over.

After that busy day of yours it is important to finish off your Ultimate Daily Skincare with a night time routine.

Step 8. Make sure to remove any makeup, dirt and excess from your day.

Step 9. Now to perfectly wrap up that busy day of yours. Finish your Ultimate Daily Skincare Routine by gently washing your face and patting dry. Getting all ready and prepped to start again the next day x